EmVKush August Mix

In preparation for our show in New York City with Truth, LSN, Terraphorm, Jig, and the Tsunami Bass Experience crew, we decided to put out a short mix of some of our favorite music from the past year or so.

For this mix, PDX Mandem bassist/DJ EmVKush selects a few of his favorite dubby and dark riddims from friends on the west coast and beyond. This is just the merest glimpse into what is to come at Epicenter16 on Friday, August 19th in Bushwick. You can grab your tickets here: tsunamibass.bandcamp.com/merch/epicen…tsunami-bass

Inside the mix is music from Gulls, ZamZam Sounds, Modi Bardo & Satta Don Dada, Foundation Channel, Compa, 6blocc, Wulf, Bukkha, DTR, Dubbing Sun, EshOne, Mesck, Gourmet Beats, Dub-Stuy Records, Tetrad, Akcept, Slick Devious, and Skelli Skel.