EmVKush and Skelli Skel have been airing PDX to London Town, a weekly radio show on KPSU, Portland State University's radio station, for over a year now.  PSU is the largest University in the state of Oregon, and KPSU is also a giant among college radio stations, with CMJ recently choosing it to host it's new event College Day on Tour and heralding the station for its open format and the creativity it inspires. 

The PDX to London town show is now a staple of the station, playing tons of hip hop, dub, dubstep and experimental music with a focus on Portland artists and labels.  Since it's inception over a year ago, we have amassed an army of dubs from not just PDX, but all over the world.  

We also have had guests on the show ranging from PDX's own Massacooramaan to ATL's Helix of London's Night slugs label and even an exclusive interview with Dub Police badman The Others of London.  

Don't miss all the unreleased music and future guests!